Disneyland with MaxPass

Eric and I recently went to Disneyland for PIXAR Fest and it was amazing!! I can go on forever about my love for PIXAR but I am here to talk about MaxPass… which improved our Disney experience significantly. It’s an add-on for the Disneyland app that costs $10 per person per day. What you get:

  • PHOTOPASS: Unlimited pictures taken around the park by any cast member, rides, or character meet. The pictures are automatically uploaded onto the app and you can save it on your phone easily or print online. No copyright issues here. We walked around and found plenty of cast members holding cameras and happy to help you pose and snap high quality pictures. This was refreshing compared to our usual selfies and asking strangers to take badly framed picture for us on vacations!
  • FASTPASS: Ability to select your Fastpass on the Disneyland app (instead of walking over to the ride to get the Fastpass in person). Right now, any one can go to the popular rides and pick up a Fastpass that indicates the return time window to come back and skip the line for that ride. With MaxPass, you can be waiting in line for one ride while picking Fastpass for another ride. This add-on saved so much time and walking that it was well worth it!! I usually set an alarm on my phone to alert me when it’s time I can pick another Fastpass.

Pro-tip: Don’t purchase MaxPass with your tickets online with your 3 or 4 day passes because you will be forced to add this onto every day of your trip (even if you don’t need it). Instead, you can download the Disneyland app and purchase MaxPass only on the days you need it (and only for the people who want it). For a family of 4 that does not care about the Fastpass benefit and only wants the pictures, one person needs to purchase the MaxPass. That saves a lot of money!

Even without purchasing MaxPass, I highly recommend downloading the Disneyland app for your trip (works for California Adventure too despite its name). First of all, the maps and show times are listed so you don’t have to carry any paper around (that inevitably gets lost or wet anyways). Secondly, the Disneyland app very clearly states the wait times for each ride (in real time) and also the return time for each Fastpass. This is tremendous information when deciding which ride to go on next and saves a lot of time having to go check the boards in the park. Personally, I would choose a Fastpass for any rides above 60 minute wait while heading over to line up for rides that are under 30 minutes. You can continue to monitor crowds and lines on the app in real time. I have noticed that lines are shorter in the morning before 10AM and also during parade / fireworks time. Note that after selecting one Fastpass, you will be eligible for the next FastPass at the start of your “return time window” or 2 hours later (whichever is earlier).

With some planning, it’s quite possible to finish all the rides in one park in one afternoon, even if you start your day around 10:00 AM (which we did).

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