Let’s talk cruise deposits!

Thinking of going on a cruise?

Refundable cruise deposits are a no-risk option to ensure your vacation goes smoothly. Just make sure you triple-check with your agent that the deposit is fully refundable before final payment date (usually 2-3 months before sail date). At Open Suitcase, we never charge any fees for cancellations or changes.

  1. You get to pick from the best rooms in your price range. Whether you want inside rooms, oceanviews, or balconies… each room type has many categories and lots of rooms to choose from. Simply put, if you reserve a room earlier with the refundable deposit, you will get a larger selection of room choice. Since you are paying the same amount anyways, why not pick a better room that is not under a noisy night club? We will always work with you to pick the best room possible in your price range.
  2. It’s highly likely the cruise will be cheaper when booking earlier. Prices tend to get higher as the sail date comes closer. We also monitor and track prices for you. If there is a sale or if the price of the cruise goes down before final payment date, we adjust it for you. By placing the refundable deposit, you are locking down the lower price and a price guarantee.
  3. There’s a limited amount of 4-person or 5-person cabins, and they are likely to sell out. These are very popular cabins with families and young singles looking for a cheap getaway. It’s cheaper to book only one cabin for 4 rather than two cabins of 2 since the 3rd and 4th guest is heavily discounted (and sometimes free!). But, in addition to the limited amount of 4-person cabins, each floor also has a maximum occupancy due to fire codes. So often times, 4-person rooms are all booked up one or two years in advance. Placing the refundable deposit guarantees 4-person rooms are still available and your plans won’t be foiled.
  4. You are more likely to get your preferred dining time. Most cruise lines have a dining room that offers a main dining and second dining time. Main dining starts between 5:30-6:00 PM and second dining starts between 8:00-8:30 PM. Most travelers prefer main dining time so that usually fills up quickly. Booking your cruise earlier with the refundable cruise deposit means you get to reserve a table in your preferred dining time and avoid eating at a undesirable time.
  5. You have more time to plan! A cruise is not just about the ship. You also have to think about flights, hotels, car rentals, and excursions. The same logic applies that those reservations will be cheaper if you book earlier. Many budget-friendly cruise port hotels book up fast during busy seasons. Excursions do not increase in price, but the popular ones do have a chance to sell out. Once your deposit is made, we can help with recommending flights, car rentals, hotels and excursions. We also place a flight tracker on your cruise dates to monitor airfare prices.
  6. There’s no limited to how many deposits you can make. Not sure which sailing you want to go on? Place deposits on multiple ships and sailings until you figure it out all the details with your family and travel companions. It’s okay, we will remind you well before final payments are due so you can cancel the ones you decide not to go on. Remember we do not charge any fees for changes or cancellations.

When you add it all together, it’s easy to see why cruise deposits are the game changer between a mediocre cruise and an amazing one. Room location, dining time, and fun activities make a big difference. There is no reason NOT to place a refundable deposit on a sailing that you are interested in, and everyone should take advantage of this no-risk investments that cruise lines offer.