SNAP Challenge 2019 Begins

Start with the SNAP Challenge 2019 Introduction

Eric and I went shopping today and this is what we got…

Eric’s spend: $40.62

Jenny’s spend: $44.76

Okay… so right off the bat, I have almost overspent my weekly budget. BUT keep in mind that we will calculate based on the items used since we are going off the assumption that the items will continue to be used throughout the month. There’s a bag of potatoes I forgot to include in the picture but it’s included in the price. As you can see, I’m a sucker for variety and condiments!

On that same note, Eric is hoping to treat himself to KFC on the last day (Saturday) so he will be using his food items with intention, and may not use all the items he purchased. He really had to think before picking up that $3.49 can of SPAM. Also, although he was tempted by some jams and sauces at TJ’s, he stuck to his guns. He’s pretty much going to sustain on a rotating menu of meat (lap cheung, spam, flap meat), veggies, and rice.. with occasional scrambled eggs and noodle soup. Variety is not as big a thing for him and he’s going into this challenge with utmost confidence that he can easily last a month!

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